First Position kicks it up a few notches [Review]

First Position kicks it up a few notches [Review]

Young Post gave you guys a chance to practise reviewing non-fiction films in English for your School Based Assessment and a second chance to see Katy Perry in Macau with two BFFs. Here is one of the top entries ...

“I want to do ballet for the rest of my life.”

That is one of the lines from the ballet documentary First Position, which is about six young ballet dancers following their dreams of becoming professional dancers by joining an international ballet competition called the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP). Thousands of dancers aged 8 to 19 participate in it, but only a couple hundred gets into the finals. To the dancers, this was theie chance to succeed.

The six dancers are so determined that they endure the tough training. The concept that success is never without pain inspired me a lot. Practice makes perfect. The YAGP is not just a competition to compete in how well they dance, but also in how they overcame their fears and the overwhelming pressure.

It served as a wake-up call for me as I watched the documentary. I don't have such persistence and passion even though I claim to be a ballet lover. The dancers were so young but they already knew their goals. They got themselves geared up and planned ahead. I appreciate such an attitude and now apply it to my life. If you want to win, you should set goals and light the fire in your heart. Doing nothing will never lead to success.

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