India's Daughter is grim but hopeful [Review]

India's Daughter is grim but hopeful [Review]

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India’s Daughter is a documentary based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of 23-year-old female student Jyoti Singh. Both the incident and the documentary were topics of international controversy. The film triggered widespread public protest and criticism of the Indian government due to the lack of rights, respect and protection provided to women.

The documentary includes grotesque, multi-faceted and informative interviews from professionals, educators, the victim’s family, and the perpetrators themselves. The testimonies given by the rapists sparked a wave of anger and frustration, not only within the country but also on a global scale as they continued to advocate for their treacherous actions.

The documentary conveys the fact that these ghastly atrocities continue to effect countless women and children of India. However, regardless of the several odious crimes committed against women in India, the creators of this documentary and I remain hopeful that with time and the education of younger generations, India’s ingrained patriarchal and societal norms will soon be abolished and cause the country’s mentality to change.

The documentary gives the viewer insight on gender inequality, and conveys a significant message, that all humans are entitled to equal protection regardless of gender.

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