Supersize Me makes point we already know [Review]

Supersize Me makes point we already know [Review]

Young Post gave you guys a chance to practise reviewing non-fiction films in English for your School Based Assessment and a second chance to see Katy Perry in Macau with two BFFs. Here is one of the top entries ...

We cannot escape Mcdonald's in our daily lives. Whenever we turn a corner, the fast food store is standing there. It guarantees you a speedy and tasty meal, and as Hong Kong students, anything that is done fast is our friend. But have you ever thought about what the consequences of eating Mcdonald's might be? Supersize Me has the answers.

The documentary follows Morgan Spurlock and his pledge to eat Mcdonald's three meals a day for 30 days, and would supersize the meal if asked. In the course of 30 days, he vomits, suffers from depression and lethargy, gains 25 pounds and suffers liver damage. The results were pretty shocking after only a month of consuming nothing but Mcdonald's.

However, I do feel that the documentary wasn’t particularly influencial to me. I, like most people, know that fast food is bad for you, and what the movie is doing is just proving what we already know. Sure, Morgan’s health issues after his experiement was appalling, but he ate Mcdonald's every single day while most of us only consume it about once a week. There is very little chance of me rejecting my friend’s offer to go to Mcdonald's for lunch because of the film, but I do agree that it will certainly urge me to work out more.

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