Waiting For Superman unveils harsh reality and inspires [Review]

Waiting For Superman unveils harsh reality and inspires [Review]

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Waiting For Superman is a documentary movie directed by David Guggenheim and released in 2010. It shows the public school system in the United States.

"What we are going to do today is nothing!" Said a teacher who teaches at a public school in the United States. Well, in Hong Kong it seems to be the sentence that every student wants to hear. But for the United States' students, it is actually an unpleasing thing to hear and it happens quite often. There are a lot of bad public schools in the United States. Every family wants their children to get into a good public school, but if it is a good public school, there is always not enough space. So the only chance to get into a great public school is to be selected out of a lottery.

In this documentary, it shows five children trying to get into a great public school and how they feel about their future. Though some of their parents struggle with the system, they can't change their fate. For example, Francisco's mother, Maria, did everything she could to help her son get into a better public school. She tried her best to contact the school principal, but the principal never replied. Although Francisco loves studying, he can only go to a lower quality public school.

However, there are many bad teachers in the United States. They read the newspaper, magazines, and books ... during the lesson. They don't care about the students. But according to the teachers union contract, you cannot fire them. So, at the end of the year, all the principals will get together and do the "lemon dance". And the lemon represents the bad teacher. In the dance, they give their lemons to each other to try to get rid of the bad teachers.

But there are some good teachers too. They feel responsible for their students and do their best to teach them. For instance, they know it is hard for students to memorise maths formula, so they turn it into a rap song to make it easier for them. It is a interesting way to learn and also gives them motivation to study.

Waiting for Superman is a meaningful film. It won the Audience Award for best documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and the Best Documentary Feature at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. I loved this documentary very much. It makes me know more about the difference between Hong Kong education and Western education. It is definitely worth to watch.

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