Spongebob and his gang takes you on a ride through their world and ours [Review]

Spongebob and his gang takes you on a ride through their world and ours [Review]

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Our favourite cartoon sponge is back, and he's on the big screen … and in 3D!

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water takes the traditional and gives it a unique twist. The film features the characters that most of us know and love, creating a mix of animation and real life by bringing the beloved 'Bob and his pals into our world.

The underwater town of Bikini Bottom dissolves into chaos when the secret recipe for Krabby Patty burgers is stolen. Upon realising that the formula is somewhere above the surface, Spongebob and his gang set off on a crazy adventure to recover it before Bikini Bottom is ruined permanently by angry citizens.

It's a bit strange seeing the animated characters wander amongst real human beings, but it's refreshing. The filmmakers have made good use of the 3D effects, giving the audience a first-person perspective of Spongebob's vivid world. It really feels like we are "in" the adventure. The classic humour of the original has been maintained, which is good news for fans.

Whether you're a longtime fan of the yellow sea sponge or a newbie, this is a fun movie to watch this holiday.

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