Jupiter Ascending isn't sending any critics over the moon [Review]

Jupiter Ascending isn't sending any critics over the moon [Review]

The Wachowskis' latest original film, Jupiter Ascending, holds more disappointments than surprises.

It's basically the story of scheming siblings fighting over their dead parent's property, expanded to a galactic level so the Wachowskis can dazzle the audience with eye-popping special effects and fight scenes. It's great fun to watch, but that's about it.

Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is a cleaner living in Chicago, who was born with the exact DNA as Seraphi Abrasax, the queen who ruled the universe and owned Earth. In other words, Jupiter has the biggest claim on her empire.

Sadly, Kunis gives a mediocre performance, partly because her character is so flat and one-sided. Her protector and boyfriend is Caine Wise (duly performed by Channing Tatum), an ex-military fighter spliced with wolfish DNA whose complex background is inadequately explained.

Eddie Redmayne plays Balem, the eldest and most dangerous of the Abrasax siblings. Ruthless but strangely charismatic, his haunting whisper is chilling. Even if he can't own Earth, he sure owns the film.

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