Doraemon returns to the big screen ... in 3D! [Review]

Doraemon returns to the big screen ... in 3D! [Review]

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the births of Doraemon's creators (known collectively as Fujiko F. Fujio), Stand by Me Doraemon distills the series' best elements into a funny and endearing film.

Ten-year-old Nobita is visited by his future great-grandson, who tells Doraemon to make Nobita happy so he won't get the family into debt.

Staying faithful to the original manga, popular gadgets from the robotic cat's belly pouch - the Take-copter, the Anywhere Door, the Imprinting Egg, etc - are detailed in 3D, and the graphics pull you in as Nobita flies over Tokyo. You'll flinch as snot flies towards you and laugh at seeing characters from so many angles.

For decades, Doraemon has been that rare friend who listens rather than lectures, and supports you however clumsy and self-centred you may be. His final farewell of: "I can't stay here anymore, I must go!" is particularly poignant for Hongkongers, as it is the last time they will hear Lam Po-chuen voicing Doraemon.

Stand By Me resonates with kids but also adults, who know the bitter sweetness of growing up.

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