Big Eyes packs big performances, big storyline, and big emotions [Review]

Big Eyes packs big performances, big storyline, and big emotions [Review]

In Big Eyes, Amy Adams stars as Margaret Keane, who painted hundreds of pictures of children with mournful, oversized eyes, which her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz) claimed as his own. He sold millions of dollars worth, convincing the world that he was a hugely prolific artist. He also convinces his wife that this is the best way to share her work, because "nobody buys lady art".

If you're expecting a typical Tim Burton film, think again: Johnny Depp is nowhere to be seen. There are hints of his mad genius, though; such as a scene when passers-by start to resemble Margaret's work.

Walter was clearly the perfect salesman - charming, and a great storyteller - and Waltz absolutely embodies that, giving the character the sort of flair someone would need to sell so many copies of one picture. Adams' portrayal of Margaret as she moves from cowed housewife, promising to keep supplying the art which is so personal, to an independent, strong-willed individual, is astonishing.

The brilliant performances, fascinating story, and beautiful cinematography, makes Big Eyes so much more than the synopsis or poster would suggest.

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