Star Wars trailer fakes keep us guessing, but here's the real one

Star Wars trailer fakes keep us guessing, but here's the real one

Now for the real Star Wars trailer . . .


A scene from the latest Star Wars trailer.
A scene from the latest Star Wars trailer.
Photo: Associated Press

Behold! The Force has awoken, for 88 seconds anyway. The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens is currently crippling the iTunes trailer page. And it's everything a fan could hope for, with its dramatic narration, shards of action, glimpses of new characters and, of course, that music. You have goosebumps, don’t you?

The teaser's journey to the screen and web has been filled with more drama than most movies go through. Here’s a brief rundown:

Earlier this week, director J.J. Abrams announced via Twitter that there would be a teeny tiny sneak peek of the next Star Wars installment this weekend. A teaser trailer was set to screen at about 30 theatres nationwide. So, people wondered, we'd have to pay to see a trailer? Yes. But there has been so much excitement at getting the briefest glimpse of the movie that some were unquestionably ready to Fandango the first screening of Big Hero 6 this morning. And that's because, in this age of leaks and spoilers, Abrams has managed to keep a tight lock on hard-to-contain Star Wars details, like the casting.

And then there was a shift in the plan — you no longer had to head to a multiplex to buy a ticket for a movie you didn't want to see. The official Star Wars Twitter account announced op Wednesday that people could see the teaser without leaving home by watching it on Friday, exclusively on iTunes. (Nice work, iTunes.)

But then the trailer was leaked on Thursday. Or rather a trailer was leaked. And then another popped up. And then another. None of them were the official trailer, mind you. They were made by people with fairly decent video editing software, but a lot of people didn't realise that. And whoever is in charge of the Star Wars Twitter page ultimately had to spend Thanksgiving setting people straight.

@mar—mls Contain your excitement until tomorrow when the real thing is released. This, while very cool, is fan-made.

Here is the real trailer:


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