[Review] No Apple, but still enjoyable

[Review] No Apple, but still enjoyable


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Giddens Ko's You Are the Apple of My Eye became the talk of the town when it was released three years ago, so expectations were high for the Taiwanese writer and producer's latest film.

Cafe. Waiting. Love is not as brilliant as Apple, but you'll be happy if you're into sweet romantic dramas.

Set in a cafe, the plot follows a typical love triangle. College freshman Si-ying (Vivian Sung) develops a crush on Zeyu (Marcus Chang), a mysterious boy who always sits with different girls.

Meanwhile A-Tuo (the Taiwanese actor simply known as Bruce) is a college senior attracted to Si-ying. At first, Si-ying sees A-Tuo only as a friend, but develops feelings when he leaves Taiwan to travel. It's pretty obvious where the story's headed.

The film pulls off a few twists, although the ending doesn't match Jay Chou's 2007 classic, Secret. But Sung and Bruce are a joy to watch, displaying a natural flair few first-time actors achieve.

Hong Kong's own Vivian Chow also does a superb job as the cafe's sorrowful owner. All in all, this is a decent and enjoyable romantic drama.

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No Apple, but still enjoyable


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