The Fault in Our Stars is gorgeous but clichéd [Review]

The Fault in Our Stars is gorgeous but clichéd [Review]

The Fault in Our Stars is yet another boy-meets-girl flick based on a bestselling novel. It could - rather crassly - be summarised as "Twilight with cancer". Both were adapted from novels with similar fan bases.

Shy, slightly cynical and Converse-sporting Hazel (Shailene Woodley) literally bumps into Augustus (Ansel Elgort), at a church support group her mum forces her to attend. He stares at her until she blushes, and calls her beautiful. Sound familiar?

Both Hazel and Augustus have had cancer, and have the wounds to show for it. Hazel lugs around an oxygen tank, and Gus is missing a leg. In spite of this, Gus keeps a cigarette in his mouth. His justification? He never lights it, so it doesn't have the power to kill him. Not only does he sound pretentious, it looks idiotic. Thank goodness for his best friend Isaac (Nat Wolff) who is more down-to-earth and provides some much needed comic relief.

While the plot isn't up to much, the cinematography is solid; their whirlwind trip to Amsterdam is stunning.

Simply put, this is a tearjerker. Whether those tears are the result of a good cry or a yawn … we won't judge you either way.

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Gorgeous but clichéd tearjerker


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