[Review] Wake-up call for Taiwan

[Review] Wake-up call for Taiwan

Shooting from a helicopter, director Chi Po-lin takes viewers on a "bird's eye tour" of Taiwan in the documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above.

The first 30 minutes of the documentary could serve as a tourist office promotion, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of Taiwan. But then it takes a 180 degree turn, showing how out-of-control development and greed have ruined the natural environment of the country.

Taiwan is a popular tourist destination for people from Hong Kong, but after watching this film, visitors might want to reconsider their travel plans.

Smoking chimneys are shown polluting the skies, while water is so dirty that it has turned rivers black.

Interestingly, a lot of criticism for this ecological disaster is aimed at developers and factory owners. Many of these people are business leaders in Taiwan.

But will it make a difference? Hopefully this documentary will force the Taiwanese government, business leaders and the public to pull their heads out of the sand and face the fact that our lifestyle is a major threat to the environment.

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Wake-up call for Taiwan


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