[Review] Inspired hero fights for justice

[Review] Inspired hero fights for justice

Inspired by the early life of former South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun, director Yang Woo-seok's film, The Attorney, tells the story of lawyer Song Woo-seok, who defends students from government oppression.

Song (Song Kang-ho) is often mocked by colleagues for not having a degree. It motivates him to work harder to become one of Korea's most successful lawyers.

As his life improves, Song does not forget the kindness of the owner of a restaurant who once allowed him to eat for free when he was a poor student.

Song visits the restaurant and finds that the owner's son, Choi Jin-woo, has been imprisoned for taking part in anti-government student protests.

While visiting Choi in prison, Song finds out that he has been tortured and decides to defend the students, and fight for justice.

Song's heroic story is inspiring, and emphasises the idea that a better society is created by those dedicated people who believe the world can be a fairer place.

Interestingly, the real-life Roh was not so perfect: he was rocked by a corruption scandal near the end of his term in 2008.

Contains scenes of violence

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Inspired hero fights for justice


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