[Revew] Miscast Costner drops the ball

[Revew] Miscast Costner drops the ball

The World Cup is underway, so it makes sense that a football movie would be showing. The thing is, Draft Day is about the other kind of football.

Sonny Weaver Jr (Kevin Costner), is the manager of real-life National Football League team, the Cleveland Browns, on draft day, when American football teams select new players.

He is under great pressure to make the right choice; his boss wants the player who will attract the most headlines, but is that the best player for the team? He also has to deal with issues involving his colleague (and secret girlfriend) Ali (Jennifer Garner).

It might take Hongkongers a little while to understand the details of the NFL draft process; if you are able to grasp it, then and only then will you enjoy the film.

The film plays out like a political thriller, with the audience left wondering if Weaver is making good choices, or being tricked. The first half slowly builds the suspense, but once the draft begins the pace picks up, and you are left on the edge of your seat.

Sadly, the miscast Costner lets things down. His role requires far more emotional range than the former action star has to offer.

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Miscast Costner drops the ball


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