Incredible moves, but plotless

Incredible moves, but plotless

A remake of the classic French film District 13 fails to take off despite a vibrant cast and crew. Brick Mansions is a gaudy and unpolished echo of the film that brought the art of parkour into the spotlight. The only similarity it bares to the original is in its excessive use of that activity, to the point where character and plot development are sacrificed.

This film showcases parkour in the way that any Step Up movie has showcased dance: choppily interleaving beautifully choreographed, albeit unnecessary, scenes throughout the movie. However the biggest let-down is that in the last 15 minutes of the film, director Camille Delamarre abandons everything that's been building up to a climax, and veers off in a completely different - and unnatural - direction.

There are redeeming factors: a few chuckle-inducing one-liners, and actor/ parkour co-creator David Belle's elegant choreography. Sadly, as a whole, Brick Mansions fails to engage. But if you're looking for action without depth, and inspiration for a new hobby, this fits the bill.

Contains scenes of violence.

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Incredible moves, but plotless


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