[RevGood effects but bad storyline

[RevGood effects but bad storyline

In this world, all licensed hunters are supposed to live in a tight-knit community. But in the latest anime film adaption, Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, a bunch of malicious hunters, claiming to be from the dark side, are on a killing spree.

Directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, the film features plenty of battles in the sky. While Gon and his friends are thrilled to tour a state-of-the-art facility, a group of hunters, led by Jed, launches a sudden attack.

Gon's best friend Killua is injured, while another good friend, Kurapika, is badly wounded. Gon then learns the attackers' were once almost driven to self-destruction by the mysterious Hunter Association, and are now looking for revenge. With lives on the line, Gon must decide whether to stand by the Association, or help Jed and the attackers seek justice.

It's good to see a film adaptation taking the original anime to another level. It even exceeds the ongoing 2011 reboot of the original TV series. The fast-paced battle scenes are also great, and full of special effects you won't find in the TV series.

Guest appearances from Gon's best friends Kurapika and Leorio, who disappeared after the Phantom Troupe mission in the anime, will please fans. But the unconvincing premise is a letdown.

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Good effects but bad storyline


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