[Review] Like a snooze in the classroom

[Review] Like a snooze in the classroom

Here comes another vampire movie, and it's not even summer yet. At least this time there aren't any vampire-human romances, so we avoid the cliche of whether the human must turn into a vampire for their love to last forever.

In the universe of Vampire Academy, there are royal vampires who are protected by guardian vampires against the villain vampires. That's a lot of vampires!

The royal vampires and their protectors are not afraid of sunlight, and they only feed on willing, volunteer blood donors who stay in a clinic, where they're fed upon before being released.

On the other hand, the villain vampires are wicked and kill humans randomly for blood. They also attempt to attack the royal vampires for reasons that aren't very well established. But a movie must have a baddie, and they certainly fill that role.

Overall the movie is a combo of The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter: vampires attending school in a remote castle deep in the woods to learn magic. Some of the scenes sure look familiar. Towards the end, the movie hinted at a sequel. How exciting.

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Like a snooze in the classroom


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