[Review] Another Sequelus overkillus

[Review] Another Sequelus overkillus

Another holiday, another sequel that doesn't live up to its original's reputation. In Rio 2, our favourite endangered blue macaws are back, only to discover that they are not as endangered as they thought.

Blue, voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, and Jewel, voiced by Anne Hathaway, have settled in a city with their three children.

Tulio and Linda, the ornithologists from the first movie, are married and still studying birds. On a trip to the Amazon, they think they see more blue macaws and go on TV to say the area needs to be made into a nature reserve.

Then the plot goes more than a little crazy, with the story splitting into several subplots. Blue and Jewel decide they must fly to the jungle at once. They are joined by a whole range of characters, including Blue's sworn enemy, Nigel, who is bent on revenge.

Greedy loggers want to cut down the trees and destroy the paradise, à la Avatar. And, along the same storyline as Avatar, we build up to a battle that seems completely one-sided.

Really, you could say the only thing that saves this movie from complete disaster is the Latin-American jam sessions.

There is not much humour, too many characters, too many plots and nothing to warrant buying a movie ticket. Save your money for the soundtrack, if you like those Latin rhythms.

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Another Sequelus overkillus


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