[Review] A good man driven by evil

[Review] A good man driven by evil

Good and evil exist in every one of us; which of the two is dominant in any particular person all comes down to our thoughts and decisions. Directed by Dante Lam, That Demon Within explores how evil can change a person's life.

Policeman Dave Wong (Daniel Wu) unwittingly saves a violent gang leader Hon Kong (Nick Cheung) by donating blood to him. Hon used to be a policeman, but is now wanted for the crimes he committed, and the lives of fellow police officers he took.

The accident turns Wong's world completely upside-down: he now finds it difficult to decide what is right and wrong. On the one hand, saving a life is always the right thing to do, but Wong doesn't want to save a murderer.

To set things right, Wong determines to kill Hon. He sets about tracking down the criminal and his supporters, but in the process harms many innocent people as well.

American-born Wu gives an outstanding performance as he takes on his darkest character to date . And Lam is always good at delivering the guns blazing thrills of a horror and action film.

The storyline gets a bit complicated as it jumps back and forth between Wong's imagination and reality. But the excitement does not disappoint.

Film contains scenes of violence and coarse language.

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A good man driven by evil


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