[Review] The school of hard knocks

[Review] The school of hard knocks

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Never take anything for granted, and treasure what you have. The life you have right now is immeasurably better than what some youngsters on the other side of the world experience. In particular, don't moan about school. Some young people desperately want to go, but can't.

Directed by Pascal Plisson, On The Way To School tells the story of four children from different countries overcoming obstacles to get an education. Their journeys are full of danger, but they never think of giving up.

Their determination is amazing. All of them pray every day that they won't be late because of their hours-long commute, or that they won't be killed by a wild animal in the jungle on the way.

These children put their lives at risk in return for a few hours of education every day. They grab every opportunity to learn because they understand studying is the only way to change their lives and their family's future.

The children's thirst to learn is moving, and made the film worthy of winning the Piazza Grande award at last year's Locarno International Film Festival.

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The school of hard knocks


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