[Review] Food is the way to the heart

[Review] Food is the way to the heart

A Tale of Samurai Cooking is a story of love and dignity. Directed by Yuzo Asahara, the film is based on a pair of real-life father-and-son "samurai chefs" from the Edo period (1603-1867). Their recipes are still used today.

The story centres around Haru (Aya Ueto) and Yasunobu (Kengo Kora), and their different attitudes to cooking. As their relationship develops, their love for each other also strengthens.

After a failed marriage, Haru was asked by a samurai chef to marry his son, Yasunobu, whose desire is to be a samurai in the military field, not in the kitchen.

At first, both characters are reluctant. Haru doesn't want to remarry, and Yasunobu doesn't want to forsake his samurai skills only to become a chef.

But when they are thrown together to fulfil an important task - cooking for the new political leader - they understand the true meaning of dignity and love, and putting another person first.

For foodies, this movie offers interesting details of how dishes were prepared in the Edo period. It's even been chosen for the Culinary Cinema section at Berlin International Film Festival 2014.

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Food is the way to the heart


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