[Review] Being in love can be simply electrifying

[Review] Being in love can be simply electrifying

What will happen if artificial intelligence becomes so advanced it can simulate human emotions? Spike Jonze, who directed Where the Wild Things Are, has let his own imagination run wild considering this question.

The result is the romantic drama Her, which explores the idea of love between humans and computers.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the socially awkward Theodore Twombly, a professional love letter writer who is struggling through life and a painful divorce.

His passion for life is sparked again by an operating system called Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) - a voice that is caring and helpful. As the pair spends more time talking, they begin to fall in love.

This thought-provoking film won best original screenplay at this year's Oscars. The tightly-written script packs emotion into every word Theodore and Samantha say.

Combined with an understated yet moody score from Arcade Fire, and set against a backdrop of a cool, futuristic Shanghai, Her is stylish and inspiring.

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Being in love can be simply electrifying


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