‘App War’ movie review: Thai romcom impresses with delightful cast and authentic look at the cutthroat world of tech start-ups

‘App War’ movie review: Thai romcom impresses with delightful cast and authentic look at the cutthroat world of tech start-ups

Nat Kitcharit and Warisara Yu display great chemistry as founders of rival app companies who develop romantic feelings for each other


June (WarisaraYu, second from left) and Bom (Nat Kitcharit, right) are co-founders of rivel tech startups.
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Set against a backdrop of two rival tech start-ups vying to get funding for their new app, App War is a Thai comedy about a pair of aspiring young entrepreneurs who find they have more in common than a love for new ideas.

After a chance encounter at a tech exhibition, and another serendipitous run-in at local diner, Bom (Nat Kitcharit) and June (Warisara Yu) discover they both share a love for Indian food and laser tag.

Their mutual chemistry prompts each of them to independently come up with the same idea for a killer social media app which links up people according to common interests. They go on to found two start-ups which must go head-to-head with the other at an upcoming national start-up competition.

Of course, this is complicated by their developing romantic feelings for each other, but as they are both desperate to win the 100 million Thai baht prize money, Bom and June each send a spy to infiltrate the other's company in a bid to outdo one another. The plan backfires when they are forced to confront their true feelings for each other while struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

App War balances romance and comedy, whilst providing an authentic glimpse into the technology community and start-up scene.  It is a refreshing new take on the rom-com and adds a new dynamic to the otherwise fairly predictable boy-meets-girl plot.

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The cast of actors really bring the characters to life with their delightfully quirky performances. Ticha Wongthipkanont deserves a special shoutout for her portrayal of Fai, June’s delightfully devious co-founder who will stop at nothing take down the competition.

Likewise, the main protagonists Kitchait and Yu’s genuine on-screen chemistry will have you rooting for them from the moment they set eyes on each other. Fun, light-hearted and charmingly entertaining, App War scores as rom-com with a touch of tech.  

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