‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ sees the birds and pigs form an unlikely alliance

‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ sees the birds and pigs form an unlikely alliance

Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Awkwafina are just some of the big names on the star-studded cast


The birds and pigs must team up in 'The Angry Birds Movie 2'.
Photo: Sony Pictures Hong Kong

Our favourite flightless birds are back for more action in The Angry Birds Movie 2. The new computer animated comedy sees the angry birds and scheming green piggies join forces, with hilarious consequences.

Faced with a new and unknown threat, birds Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle must team up with pigs Leonard and Garry to form an unlikely alliance.

They also enlist the help of Chuck’s engineer sister, Silver, and Leonard’s sassy assistant Courtney.

The sequel features an all-star voice cast, including Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad, who reprise their roles as Red and Chuck, as well as newcomers Awkwafina, JoJo Siwa, Nicki Minaj – and many more.

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The filmmakers were eager to explore a new chapter in the saga of the birds, who first rose to popularity as video game characters.

“We were so excited that The Angry Birds Movie took the world by storm and created a worldwide fan base,” says producer John Cohen. “Audiences enjoyed seeing the recognisable characters from the game come to life on the big screen, and we couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to expand the universe.”

In this new adventure, the birds and pigs discover a mysterious third island, home to a dangerous new species. If they want to protect their own homes, they’re going to need to work together.

“We introduced an island that the birds and pigs didn’t even know existed, leaving them no choice but to team up,” notes Cohen. “We started with that idea, knowing there’d be so much comedy and conflict to be mined from the two enemy factions – the birds and pigs – being forced to work together.”

Given that comedy is the main driving force behind the film, the team decided to bring in some fresh talent. They created a new character, Courtney, and enlisted the comedic skills of actress and rapper Awkwafina to bring her to life.

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Awkwafina shot to superstardom last year thanks to stand-out performances in Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8. But Cohen says he was a fan of the star well before her high-profile big-screen triumphs.

“I’d been following Awkwafina’s music and YouTube videos for years. She has such a distinctive comic voice, through which her personality really shines,” he explains.

Director Thurop Van Orman, also a long-time fan of Awkwafina, is full of praises for the unexpected traits she brings to Courtney.

“The character wears her heart on her sleeve, and Awkwafina really brings that to life. Courtney is funny and quick, and Awkwafina gave her some fun, off-the-cuff grumblings that really painted a picture of the character’s challenges on the mission.”


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