Japanese movie ‘Dad’s Lunch Box’ proves that love can be in everyday gestures [Review]

Japanese movie ‘Dad’s Lunch Box’ proves that love can be in everyday gestures [Review]

A father learns the art of making beautiful bento lunch boxes to show support for his teenage daughter


Midori's father shows his love through beautifully-crafted bento lunch boxes.
Photo: Pony Canyon

Dad’s Lunch Box is a light yet heart-warming story about a father-daughter relationship based on true events.

The story focuses on the relationship between a middle-aged Japanese salaryman (Toshimi Watanabe) and his teenage daughter Midori (Rena Takeda). After getting divorced, Midori’s father has the responsibility of cooking bento lunch boxes for her to take to school.

With little experience in the kitchen, he quickly makes a mess of Midori’s lunch and his efforts go unappreciated. But as Midori faces the challenges of adolescence, her dad’s daily bento boxes are always there for her when she is in trouble.

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The film takes its time showing you the care that Midori’s father puts into his cooking, showing close up the shopping, preparation and work that he puts into the meals he makes for her. You really get a sense of the time and effort that he puts into every meal.

The film does not have an eventful plot, and some will feel that nothing happens at all. If you’re looking for fast-paced action, you’ll be disappointed, but there’s enough humour to make the film enjoyable.

Most importantly, the love and dedication that Midori’s father puts into the bento boxes is a great symbol for the bond between a father and daughter, and helps tie together a touching story just in time for Father’s Day.

Edited by Pete Spurrier


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