Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne saves teen romance movie 'Midnight Sun' from being absolutely terrible [Review]

Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne saves teen romance movie 'Midnight Sun' from being absolutely terrible [Review]

Patrick Schwarzenegger also does his part to make this tragic tale of young love watchable, if not Oscar-worthy


Kate (Bella Thorne) has a rare medical condition which makes it impossible for her to go out in the sun.
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Midnight Sun is exactly what you’d expect of a romantic drama designed to tug at the heartstrings. What makes it actually watchable is the presences of the two young, charismatic and, most importantly, beautiful actors.

Katie (Bella Thorne) lives with a condition – xeroderma pigmentosum – that means she has a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight, so can only go outside at night. One day, she is asked out by her long-time crush Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) who is unaware of her condition. What follow is a tale of young love and tragedy.

Thorne carries the film with her good looks, musical talent, and ability to convey powerful emotions. The former Shake It Up star shows she has the potential for stardom beyond the Disney Channel with this much more serious role.

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Schwarzenegger, in his first lead role, shows he is a different style of actor than his father Arnold, who was the action movie star of choice through the 1980s and 90s. The younger Schwarzenegger has more charm and a greater ability to convey emotion than his father, not to mention the fact his muscles are not ridiculously huge.

Look, this is never going to win an Oscar. If you’re looking for intellectual stimulation with a ground-breaking script, look elsewhere. But Midnight Sun is good if you like simple love stories and having a bit of a cry.

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