Romantic drama When Sun Meets Moon is cliché-filled and far from heavenly [Review]

Romantic drama When Sun Meets Moon is cliché-filled and far from heavenly [Review]

When Sun Meets Moon is a romantic drama directed by Benny Lau, and tells a familiar story of star-crossed lovers. While the story is emotional, the film’s overuse of tired themes, and its generic narrative will disappoint cinema-goers looking for something more exciting.

Set in Hong Kong in the early 90s, the story follows Moon (Kathy Yuen), who bumps into the rebellious Sun (Daichi Harashima) during a blackout. They share an interest in stargazing, and soon fall in love with each other. But the odds are against them, with Sun set to emigrate to the United States. Can their relationship survive, or will the distance tear them apart?

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When Sun Meets Moon is filled with cinematic cliches and overly dramatic lines of dialogue. The plot feels generic – at times you feel that you’ve already seen this story hundreds of times already.

There isn’t much to fault with the cinematography, but a lot of the film’s story is driven by the script. It would have been better to watch the story unfold from the visuals, rather than needing to concentrate and listen to seemingly endless lines of expositional dialogue.

In the end, the story of two people who cannot be together is moving enough to trigger emotional responses. However, When Sun Meets Moon misses many opportunities to be more creative and interpret this age-old tale in exciting ways and be truly powerful.

Edited by Karly Cox

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Cliché-filled and far from heavenly


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