Comedy takes centre stage while storytelling suffers in The Ringside Story [Review]

Comedy takes centre stage while storytelling suffers in The Ringside Story [Review]


Watch for laughs, not storyline.

The Ringside Story is a Japanese romantic comedy about a couple that gets dragged unexpectedly into the world of professional wrestling.

The film follows Kanako (Eriko Sato) and Hideo (Eita), who have been dating for 10 years. Kanko loses her job at a factory, but Hideo, a lazy out-of-work actor, refuses to find a part-time job. Desperate to avoid being forced into finding work, Hideo signs Kanko up for a job at a professional wrestling organisation without her knowledge.

Kanko has no interest in wrestling at all, but gradually begins to enjoy her job. But her new post comes under threat when Hideo becomes jealous, and starts causing trouble for her.

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The film’s main drawback is its storyline and narrative, which feel a bit boring at times. There’s not a lot of romance or drama, and the ending of the film lacks any impact. However, the cinematography and editing make up for what the film lacks in storyline. There are several visually aesthetic and well-framed shots, which are simple but effective in creating the right tone for each scene.

There are also a few laughs to be had, and the use of visual comedy is particularly enjoyable.

Overall, you’re not watching The Ringside Story for its story, but for its light comedic moments and solid cinematography.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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