Reese Witherspoon goes home again in Home Again...but nothing much happens [Review]

Reese Witherspoon goes home again in Home Again...but nothing much happens [Review]

This inoffensive romantic comedy showcases Witherspoon’s range, but it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before


Newly-divorced mother-of-two Alice Kinney moves back Los Angeles and meets some new people.
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Home Again is a light-hearted romantic comedy, full of family warmth; yet its plot doesn’t make much sense, and the acting and script fail to strengthen character construction.

The movie follows newly-divorced mother-of-two, Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) as she returns to her hometown of Los Angeles, to start a new life with her two young daughters.

While out celebrating her 40th birthday, she meets three young male filmmakers who are looking for a place to stay. She agrees to let them stay in her guest house. Predictably, Alice starts to fall for one of them, while also settling in to her new life and growing in confidence. And then her ex-husband, Austen, (Michael Sheen) shows up.

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While Witherspoon shows off a wide emotional range, there is very little for the other cast members to do, as the script tells rather than shows. There’s also almost zero climax in terms of plot.

The romance comedy does fulfil its minimum requirement of causing a couple of laughs, but it’s not particularly lovey-dovey. However, there are a few moments where you can feel the love – both familial and that of friends – develop between characters.

Home Again is perfect for end-of-week viewing when your brain has switched off. But you’re not missing anything if you miss it.

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