Paddington 2 is as sweet as marmalade and will teach you to see the good in everyone [Review]

Paddington 2 is as sweet as marmalade and will teach you to see the good in everyone [Review]

The cute talking bear with the signature blue duffle coat is back, and this time he’s on the trail of a mysterious thief


Paddington's family and friends help him to clear his name when he's accused of stealing the antique book.
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Watching Paddington 2 is just like getting a big hug from the cute and fluffy teddy bear himself. It serves up a few good chuckles, offers some insight on human nature, and will leave you with warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Having settled in with the loving Brown family in London, Paddington is looking for the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy’s hundredth birthday. By coincidence, he spots a unique pop-up book of London at an antique shop, and begins to work many odd jobs to save up enough money to buy it.

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Yet before Paddington can purchase it, the book is stolen by a mysterious thief who is a master of disguise. The rest of the movie details how our intrepid (and adorable) hero must catch the villain, with the help of his human family.

The animated Paddington blends in with the live-action so incredibly naturally that you may wonder if Paddington really does exist in London after all. Thanks to the high-quality computer-generated imagery and flawless acting of the cast, the film is a feast for the eyes.

With vivid characterisations, and a well-structured and eventful plot, Paddington’s investigation proceeds with lovely surprises and light-hearted humour. Enough clues are left for the audience to keep them upbeat and hooked throughout.

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The fantasy world of Paddington isn’t always strictly logical (and it doesn’t have to be because it’s a jolly fantasy drama!). But no one is all bad and while people don’t always appear nice and friendly, Paddington will show you that being grateful and seeing the good in people will help you find joy and beauty in our imperfect world.

The point is, no matter how clumsy or incompetent you may be, the blue-duffle-coated bear’s adventures prove that the results of your actions matter less than your good intentions and generosity. These good feelings can always be felt by those around you, and are as sweet as Paddington’s favourite marmalade sandwiches.

Edited by Jamie Lam

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