Don’t miss this brave kid detective in Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter [Review]

Don’t miss this brave kid detective in Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter [Review]

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Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter is the 21st movie in the franchise about the teen detective, and combines crime-solving and romance.

The movie opens with a bomb exploding at the Nichiuri TV station. Conan manages to rescue fellow teen detective Heiji Hattori and their friend Kazuha. It is up to the young sleuths to solve the crime.

Along the way, we learn of two old friends who secretly have feelings for each other, and there’s a lot of “will they, won’t they” throughout the film.

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You might think that it would be hard to know what’s going on if you’d never seen a Conan film before, but actually, the storyline is logical and quite straightforward. It’s a smart way to get first-time viewers to watch the earlier films.

The special effects were also particularly impressive. Despite being a 2D animated film, the explosion at the beginning is very realistic, and you almost feel like you’re at the scene.

Conan’s character is another big attraction. Although he is a very small, bespectacled boy, he has a lot of personality, and is very professional and intelligent. He’s brave, too; in one scene, he rides a motorbike from one roof to another without fear.

This is a great film for cartoon lovers of all ages. Unfortunately, though, it’s only showing at the moment in Cantonese or Japanese!

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Don’t miss this brave kid detective


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