Ballerina dances to a passionate and heartwarming beat [Review]

Ballerina dances to a passionate and heartwarming beat [Review]

Many of us struggle to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. But Ballerina will provoke you to pursue your dream and follow your heart.

Orphan Félicie wants to be a ballerina but there’s no way she can go to ballet school. When she’s 11, she decides to escape from the orphanage with her best friend, Victor.

She manages to trick her way into the Opera Ballet School, which leads to the opportunity to play Clara, the lead role in the famous ballet The Nutcracker. She also meets a mentor, Odette, a cleaner with a mysterious aura.

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It is heart-warming to watch Félicie achieving her unlikely dream. There are dancers with better technique, who stand out at first, but the orphan’s passion helps her to overcome other students. It is an important reminder that, when you do things from your heart, even if you’re not good at it, you will still be appreciated and your efforts will eventually pay off.

While Félicie has the support of people like Victor and Odette, ultimately she is the one responsible for her life decisions. She is asked over and over why she dances; as she progresses on her journey, she finally comes up with a clear answer.

Though Odette’s “mystery” is actually easy to guess from the start of the film, it won’t affect your enjoyment. Ballerina will inspire you to work out what you’re passionate about, and follow your dream!

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