Wonder Woman redeems DC after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice disaster [Review]

Wonder Woman redeems DC after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice disaster [Review]


A sword-wielding Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) steels herself for war in the character’s first solo live-action film.
Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

After the atrocity that was 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you would be forgiven for taking a pass on Gal Godot's solo Wonder Woman vehicle. But look beyond the slightly cliche plot and you'll find a tight and thrilling ride that moves the DC Extended Universe in the right direction.

Set during the last days of the first world war as nations were negotiating the conditions of a truce, immortal Amazon princess Diana meets American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and is persuaded to leave her land and fight against the threat of a powerful chemical weapon.  

During her time on the battlefield, Diana is soon exposed to the cruel, selfish nature of mankind and begins to lose faith. Her resolve is put to the test as an even more dangerous foe from the Amazons' past is revealed to be involved in the sinister plot.

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The movie is sure to crack you up at times as Diana comically tries to blend in with her sword, shield, and general ignorance of the outside world. Yet director Patty Jenkins subtly addresses the sexism of the times by deliberately including scenes such as one where Diana is made unwelcome in a conference full of men.

The plot of the movie is tight and cogent. The well-choreographed battle sequences are suitably spaced with thought-provoking scenes on the pointlessness and cruelty of war. However, the final theme of hope in humanity is rather bland and has been done better elsewhere.

Regardless, Wonder Woman, the first and only standalone female superhero film directed by a woman, is a strong entry for DC and will keep fans hyped for the upcoming Justice League in November.

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