Puppy cuteness isn’t enough to save Prince from going to the dogs [Review]

Puppy cuteness isn’t enough to save Prince from going to the dogs [Review]

Good intentions can’t save this flop, which tries to hit all the dramatic points

A cute Corgi puppy tells us his story in Prince – but he really tells us the story of Hong Kong, and how it has two very different worlds: one for the rich and one for the poor.

Prince (whose thoughts are voiced by Cheung Ngai) starts out in the lap of luxury – or at least in the lap of Clarababy (Clara Lee). She is a typical spoiled brat: lots of money, but no class. When Prince loses at a dog show, Clarababy throws a tantrum and abandons him.

Prince finds it hard to survive on the rainy streets, but fortunately for him, he is found and rescued by Zhong Jiaqi (Ashley Zhong), a high school student who has just moved to Hong Kong from the mainland. Jiaqi is having a hard time fitting it, and Prince becomes a loyal friend.

The movie starts out with good intentions, but it gets far too obvious and overdramatic. Jiaqi gets buried under debris when a building collapses on her, and the music tugs on our heartstrings, but two minutes later she’s fine again, hugging Prince like nothing happened.

Likewise, the bully tormenting Jiaqi just suddenly has a change of heart and apologises to her.

As a movie aimed at children, you expect a happy ending, but this just felt forced. In short, the themes in the movie are great, but the movie itself is disappointing.

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He's cute, but Prince is for the dogs


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