McDull gets technical in his latest adventure Rise of the Rice Cooker [Review]

McDull gets technical in his latest adventure Rise of the Rice Cooker [Review]

Like ordinary children, McDull imagines himself having special powers. In McDull, Rise of the Rice Cooker, the little pig from Cheung Chau rescues the world ... with a rice cooker.

Like most of the McDull movies, this one is mainly set in Hong Kong, making the settings very familiar to local audiences. All the streets and shops are drawn based on Cheung Chau, where McDull is a culinary student, learning how to make some of the local fish delicacies.

Inspired McDull hits high note

But life in McDull’s sleepy town takes an unexpected twist, when an alien monster invades the Earth. The superhero Spameman tries to deal with the monster, but fails, leaving the world is in huge danger. And when government leaders call for the inventors of the world to create a robot that can defend planet, McDull decides to step forward.

As the title suggests, McDull uses the designs of a rice cooker to invent the fighting robot Risopot. It’s a great idea, but let’s not forget: this is McDull we’re talking about. He is not the smartest pig in the poke. Fortunately, even though he is stupid, he has smart friends – and plenty of luck.


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