Animated Robinson Crusoe is great – if you still believe in talking animals [Review]

Animated Robinson Crusoe is great – if you still believe in talking animals [Review]

Sadly, this Belgian animated adaptation isn't anywhere near as exciting as the original novel


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Robinson Crusoe, the novel, is exciting and dramatic; what Crusoe experiences might make you feel the urge to leave your comfy sofa and find your own deserted island for an adventure. Sadly, the same can’t be said of this Belgian animated adaptation.

On an isolated island, a parrot named Tuesday (Kaya Yanar) lives with his bird friends in paradise – they have plenty of fruit to eat, and life is pretty much perfect. But then their idyll is disturbed byRobinson Crusoe (Matthias Schweighöfer), who is stranded on the island after a massive storm shipwrecks his vessel.

The islanders and Crusoe have to unite to defend their home from a pack of ferocious cats, who were also on Crusoe’s ship, and are determined to make humans pay for their years of bad treatment.

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There are several things “wrong” with this film; broadly, the misleading title, and the plot. Far from being a new interpretation of the classic, this is an animal movie for little kids.

Although there is plenty of humour, which is always good, that’s not really what Robinson Crusoe is about. Instead of featuring Crusoe’s battle through the waves to reach the island, and struggle to survive on the island, the film focuses on the animals, following them as they slip from perfect life, to suspecting Crusoe’s intentions, to finally accepting him and helping him to work out a way to beat the cats.

Technically, however, it is a success. The portrayal of different characters’ facial expressions are outstanding, and the effects in scenes such as the tropical storm that sunk Crusoe’s ship and a tree house on fire are very realistic.

Unless you have young siblings, you could probably spend the 90 minutes the film lasts doing something more productive, such as finishing your summer homework.


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