#BlackLivesMatter in The Legend of Tarzan, so do the spectacular visuals and spot-on cast [Review]

#BlackLivesMatter in The Legend of Tarzan, so do the spectacular visuals and spot-on cast [Review]

The filmmakers of The Legend of Tarzan want everyone to know that Black Lives Matter. Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard), or Lord Greystoke as he is now, has settled into aristocratic life with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie), and is reluctant to return to Africa when he is asked to be the British trade representative.

But when American soldier George Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) tells him that the Belgians may be enslaving the natives, Tarzan goes to the Congo to investigate. In doing so he is unwittingly falling into a trap set by the Belgians.

The special effects used to bring The Legend of Tarzan to life isn't as simple as you'd think

The film is very well cast: Robbie exudes warmth as Tarzan’s trusting wife, but even as a hostage she is never just a damsel in distress. Jackson brings just the right level of humour, while his dedication to humanity make his character more than mere comic relief.

Tarzan blends a classic tale with history to make a compelling film filled with breathtaking action scenes. Stunningly filmed and edited, with a great use of slow motion, it’s very much worth paying to see it in Imax 3D. The scene where Tarzan sends a stampede through his enemy’s camp is spectacular.

Despite the aim of freeing the slaves, the film’s white characters obviously still dominate the black. But it’s a start.

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