5 movies, that aren't Star Trek, starring Anton Yelchin you should add to your to-watch list

5 movies, that aren't Star Trek, starring Anton Yelchin you should add to your to-watch list

Best known for playing Chekov in the new Star Trek films, the actor died Sunday at just 27 years old, but not before delivering standout performances in some truly brilliant films


Portrait of Anton Yelchin taken at the 71st edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.
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Hollywood is, sadly, full of deaths of talented artists who die far too young. Unfortunately, actor Anton Yelchin is the lastest to join that list.

Yelchin was found dead in a freak car accident on Sunday, in which his own vehicle rolled backwards down a steep driveway to pin him against a brick pillar and security fence. The film industry have suffered a great lost. At just 27 years old, Yelchin had played some amazing parts - his first credited role was on television medical series ER when he was just 11 years old - and was surely destined for many more. Here are five films starring the late actor you should checkout.

Along Came a Spider

A thrilling crime drama starring Morgan Freeman who plays a retired Washington D.C. detective who's drawn into as kidnapping case as he's recovering from a personal tragedy, a much younger Anton Yelchin plays the son of the Russian president. The movie is complex and intricate, and while Yelchin only plays a small role, your heart beats faster with fear for him as he becomes the kidnapper's second target. 

House of D

At just 15 years old, Yelchin plays Tommy in this touching coming-of-age comedy-drama. Tommy starts causing trouble at school as a way to bury the grief he feels as he mourns his father. Along the way, he befriends those cast aside by society, falls in love, and is again touched by tragedy.

The film is partly told through flashbacks as it moves between the young Tommy and the grown-up Tom Warshaw (David Duchovny) as the man tries to confront the unfinished stories that had made its mark on him as a boy. He may have been just a teen when this movie was made, but Yelchin holds his own in a dynamic cast that includes the great Robin Williams.

Charlie Bartlett

Yelchin stars in the titled role in this comedy-drama that explores teenage themes that we all know too well: popularity, rebellion, friendship, parent-child relationship, and just trying to find your place in the world. Charlie Bartlett is a teenager who after being expelled from one too many private schools is enrolled in a public school. Oh boy. He is immediately targeted and bullied because of his privileged background and appearance. "So your mum tells me you don't feel normal," a school counselor says to Charlie, who replies, "My family has a psychiatrist on call. How normal can I be?" is just an example of the humour and wit of the movie.

So, in an effort to fit in, Charlie appoints himself psychiatrist to the student body and starts offering advice and presciption drugs. Yelchin plays the part of a rich boy too smart for his own good but wanting desperately to be accepted by his peers perfectly, and again manages to shine beside great actors such as Hope David and Robert Downey Jr.

Fright Night

It's rare that remakes are as well-received as the original, but this 2011 version of the 1985 vampire thriller will have you on the edge of your seat or curled tight into the corner of your sofa. Yelchin plays Charley Brewster who learns his neighbour is a vampire, and not the sparkles-in-the-sun-vegetarian type. This vampire is more than happy to kill. In order to survive, Charley transforms from awkward kid to fiesty fighter determined to protect his friends and family. The plot runs serious risk of being too messy and falling into the deep vat of "being so bad it's good", director Craig Gillespie keeps it from being ridiculous by being clever about when to make it funny and when to make it scary. Wonderful performances from Toni Collette and David Tennant, and the surprisingly engaging pairing of Yelchin and Colin Farrell makes this remake very watchable.

Like Crazy

They say young love won't last, but what if the one you fall in love with when you're young is The One? This bittersweet romantic drama follows the relationship of two university students who fall in love while they're both studying in Los Angeles. Yelchin plays the American boy to Felicity Jones' British exchange student, Anna Gardner, whose love-drunk decision to overstay her student visa results in obstables that will keep them apart after graduation and into their young adult lives. This film explores what it means to love someone from afar, when distance, career choices, and other partners strain a love that the characters know will never be replaced by another. Without the trappings trappings of Hollywood fluff, Like Crazy is heartfelt and realistic.


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