Korean drama My New Sassy Girl is dull and predictable [Review]

Korean drama My New Sassy Girl is dull and predictable [Review]

When her parents die and she is orphaned, a girl is sent from her home in China to Korea for a fresh start. Here, she meets the love of her life, Gyun-Woo.

My New Sassy Girl sounds like a sequel to My Sassy Girl but they are completely unrelated. In My New Sassy Girl, the lead actress, played by Song Qian, who is unnamed in the movie, beats up school bullies to protect classmate Gyun-Woo.

He, a coward, is impressed by her bravery, and they fall in love.

Soon the girl is taken back to China. Years later, she bumps into Gyun-Woo in Korea, rekindling their romance with humour and tears.

But this honeymoon period doesn’t last for long. Wearing cute dresses and hair accessories, the lead actress manipulates Gyun-Woo flawlessly.

But this cuteness is overplayed, and 107 minutes of soft-spoken manipulation is too much.

The setting is the film’s one success. Some scenes were shot in Lijiang , a scenic spot on the mainland, and the green mountains and horses distract the audience from the dull plot and dreary acting.

As a whole, the film is below average. Even if you love soap drama, it’s hard to sit in front of a screen for two hours watching something completely predictable.

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Korean drama is dull, predictable


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