Hold your breath: 10 Cloverfield Lane gets scarier [Review]

Hold your breath: 10 Cloverfield Lane gets scarier [Review]

If you intend to see 10 Cloverfield Lane,stop reading now. Don’t watch the trailer, don’t read any other reviews. Just go, and be prepared to be thrilled.

Riveting, edge-of-your-seat action carries the audience all the way – until the last 10 minutes when it all falls apart. Director Dan Trachtenberg and producer J. J. Abrams have created a masterpiece that keeps the audience unnerved. Each time it seems the story is figured out and the mind can slip into something more comfortable, there is yet another twist.

The basic plot involves a very emotional Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who has decided to leave her boyfriend. Driving, talking on the phone with her ex, you can see the car crash is bound to happen.

She wakes up in a room, chained to the wall, which is always a promising start in a horror movie, if predictable. Crazy-acting old guy, Howard, beautifully played by John Goodman, is her captor. He feeds her the odd bit of information while she does all she can to plead for her life and get away from him.

Howard says “something” unknown has happened, and he saved her life. Whatever it was has contaminated the air, and she is better off staying where she is.

The interplay between characters, and the revealing of layer upon layer of plot will have movie critics writing their thesis on this film. For now, all we’ll say is if you like a good scare, go see this. Just stay away from spoilers.

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Hold your breath: it gets scarier


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