Ten Years is an important film for all Hongkongers [Review]

Ten Years is an important film for all Hongkongers [Review]

Ten Years is an example of a film with a great concept - and varying execution.

This unique theme gives the film clarity of purpose: to provoke discussion about what is yet to come for our city. As the title suggests, it's a look 10 years into the future, but that future is of a dystopian Hong Kong where the mainland government is actively trying to erase Hongkongers' unique identity.

But by focusing on localism, the preservation of Cantonese, the role of the liaison office in Hong Kong affairs, and the suggestion of a return to British rule among other controversial topics, Ten Years comes across as more of a propaganda film than entertainment.

The film is divided into five sections which vary hugely in terms of acting and dialogue, camera angles and special effects. Most of the sections are fairly good, but Season of the End is horrible, and completely drags down the rest of the film.

A film review should ultimately answer two questions: is it good, and should you watch it. Well, "sort of" and "yes" respectively. It's a thought-provoking film and a chilling view of what could be, taking things that are happening now and painting them in a slightly absurd light.

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Must-watch despite the flaws


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