NO SPOILERS: Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Review]

NO SPOILERS: Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Review]

The best movie franchise ever just got better, sling-shotting a host of new actors into the galaxy with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A glorious blaze of fresh-faced talent is perfectly pitched against nostalgia, so your parents will enjoy it as much as younger siblings and even grandparents.

Best of all, you don't need to know the back-story to enjoy The Force Awakens on its own. My only regret is that I have seen it, so can't relive the excitement with fresh eyes.

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There was a lot of speculation over whether or not director J.J. Abrams could pull this off, given the massive hype, the expectations of die-hard fans and the new element of having Disney onboard. He has.

The sets are beautiful, the story is strong, there are moments to make you laugh and others to make you cry. This is the best of the series since the original and it follows that successful template very closely.

Yes, Disney is involved, but don't expect singing princesses. Life is tough in this universe and the characters even tougher.

As time goes on, naysayers will pick at the plot. Avoid spoilers and see it soon to enjoy it to the max.

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