Lost in Hong Kong is a love letter … to our city [Review]

Lost in Hong Kong is a love letter … to our city [Review]

If the trailer made you think Lost in Hong Kong is a completely bonkers film, you were absolutely right.

The film is brilliantly insane: melodramatic scenes form a hilarious story paying homage to both old and contemporary Hong Kong. A respectful achievement, considering director Xu Zheng and his lead cast are mainlanders.

Bra designer Xu Lai (Zheng) is visiting Hong Kong with his wife Cai Bo (Zhao Wei) and her overbearing family. Xu decides to pay a secret visit to his first love Yang Yi (Du Juan), but when he fails to shake off his wife's younger brother, chaos ensues.

The delightfully local film captures the energy of our city as the characters blunder into various locations unique to Hong Kong, like flyovers, back alleys, and tong laus. Be prepared for some vertigo and 80s crime thriller-style action scenes.

This is a film that loves film. It pays tributes to classic local movies such as Days of Being Wild and 2046, incorporating parodies of famous dialogues and cameos from a string of Hong Kong actors.

And it's not all laughs. The film also addresses issues close to Hongkongers' hearts, such as mainland tourists, housing frustrations and family pressures. You don't need to be a local to know when to laugh or cry in a film as smart as this one.

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A love letter … to our city


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