Spectre plot is a wispy excuse for another James Bond film [Review]

Spectre plot is a wispy excuse for another James Bond film [Review]

Ruthless spy James Bond always hits his target, but the movies that feature him sometimes miss the mark. The last three 007 films have been hit-and-miss, so it was up to latest installation Spectre to hold up the Bond name.

Daniel Craig struts confidently through the film, joined by supporting cast of high-calibre actors. Ralph Fiennes takes over from Dame Judi Dench as M, the leader of MI6, and Lea Seydoux is Bond girl Madeleine Swann.

But Spectre really belongs to the bad guys.

The always-fantastic Christoph Waltz is type-cast as the shadowy head of terrorist organisation Spectre, while Dave Bautista's henchman Hinx is fantastically menacing.

Andrew Scott's performance as C is top-notch, walking the fine line between friend and foe.

Sadly, where Skyfall blew away expectations and defied the Bond formula, Spectre returns to the tried-and-true. The plot feels old and predictable, and doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Spectre is an enjoyable addition to the Bond line-up with all the explosions, characters and car chases necessary for a 007 movie. But ultimately, when compared to its predecessors, it seems more like the ghost of its title - unsubstantial.

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