Johnny Depp is so impressive in Black Mass it should be a crime [Review]

Johnny Depp is so impressive in Black Mass it should be a crime [Review]

Johnny Depp is a master of his craft, and many of his characters, like Jack Sparrow, have become iconic. But his latest role as the notoriously violent criminal James "Whitey" Bulger - known simply as Jimmy - may be his best yet.

Based on a true story, Black Mass tells the story of Jimmy's rise to power, unhindered, and accelerated by an "alliance" with the FBI.

Depp is the stand-out here. He manages to portray Jimmy as human and loyal, yet simultaneously brutal and ruthless; he loves his son, his community, and strangling people to death with his bare hands. The unwavering ease with which Jimmy switches between these two parallel personas is what's most chilling, and Depp nails it.

Benedict Cumberbatch does a commendable job as Bill, a senator and Jimmy's honorable brother, who loves his sibling, but takes no part in his business. Joel Edgerton plays FBI agent John Connolly - and Jimmy's besotted childhood friend - with conviction; John's fierce loyalty to and awe of his criminal pal clear Jimmy's path to the top of the criminal world.

This is a gripping account of 1970s South Boston, and the way the line between the law, morals, and loyalty was blurred.

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