Quiz: Japanese imperial Game of Thrones 2019

Quiz: Japanese imperial Game of Thrones 2019

What do you know about monarchs' seats from across history and around the globe?


Emperor Akihito will abdicate today, and pass the throne to his son.
Photo: EPA

Japan's Emperor Akihito is stepping down today - the first Japanese monarch to abdicate - or give up his throne - in nearly two centuries. His son, Crown Prince Naruhito, will inherit the throne tomorrow. 

Seems like a good time to play a game - a game of thrones!

1 Koreans, Burmese, and Mughals all had thrones named after this bird.

2 Many royals had thrones of gold, but which terrible ruler sat on the Ivory Throne?

3 Which fictional monarchy is home to the Iron Throne?

4 We know of David the Giant Slayer’s story from the Holy Bible, but where can we find the Throne of David today?

5 Which throne included in its design birds that actually sang and lions that actually roared?

6 If you were designing a throne, unicorn horns would be high on the list of materials. One throne was rumoured to be made of them. Which modern country owns that magical throne today?

7 Which country had the Bumblebee Throne?

8 Where would you find the Throne of Charlemagne?

9 The Romans had a marble throne for a god, which featured a 3D snake. Who was the god?

10 British monarchs are crowned on a chair named after which saint?

See how you did: click here for the answers.


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