7 things every law student can relate to

7 things every law student can relate to

Only law students can truly understand the struggle ...

We bet you can't deny experiencing at least one of these during your studies in law.

1. Reading, reading, and more reading…

Can't remember the last time you didn't have a book in your hand.

2. Law is like a set of endless Terms and Conditions, with exceptions, and exceptions to those exceptions

There's no such thing as the only exception. There are many.

3. Going home with an load of books, law cases and highlighters

Anyone know the number of a chiropractor?

4. People trying to pawn legal advice from you
"Did you hear me say I'm pro bono?"

5. Mastering the art of discussing a reading, without a actually reading the reading

No one will everrr know ...

6. Watching Law and Order counts as studying, right?

And How to Get Away with Murder ... and Suits ... and any law-related show ...

7. In the end, it will all be worth it.

Otherwise why would anyone go through all this trouble?!

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Edited by Nicole Moraleda


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