From Michelle Obama to Paddington Bear: who we would want to deliver us our Christmas presents (sorry, Santa!)

From Michelle Obama to Paddington Bear: who we would want to deliver us our Christmas presents (sorry, Santa!)

Christmas is about making dreams come true and spreading love, warmth and joy to all. So why not dream and wish a little harder this festive season?


Yay, Christmas!
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We are all known to have a particular celebrity crush or idol, for whom we would give anything to spend a day with. Now imagine if this person showed up at your doorstep to deliver the one thing you've been dreaming of all year. Sounds quite magical doesn't it? 

Here are the celebrities the Young Post team would like to recieve gifts from this year.

An acoustic guitar and a tall, Irish singer

Damien Rice please! I’d like him to serenade me with his song, Cheers Darlin’, and I will pretend that I am that girl that he was crying over.
Nicola Chan, Reporter

Cats, make-up, and more cats

My favourite beauty YouTuber, Claire Marshall. She's a Korean-American, who was adopted from Seoul as a baby, and is a great make-up artist and catlady. She can bring comfy bathrobes, her cat Brucifer, and pizza, and we can hang, watch Friends and talk about TCK-dom and make-up.
Heidi Yeung, Web Editor

A marmalade loving bear

Paddington. I don't know what he'll bring me, surprise me! But I'll need a fuzzy hug before I feed him a marmalade sandwich.
Young Wang, Senior Reporter 

For the football fanatic

Thierry Henry. He can bring me some signed football shirts, footballs and an Arsenal history book. We can enjoy all of this over some fish stew because Henry is originally from the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. He could also tell me his experience being recently crowned Igwe – a Nigerian King. Although we already knew he was the King (of Highbury) long ago during his playing days!

Sebastien Raybaud, Reporter

A romantic date and a musical, please

I'll take John Cho, please, and his Christmas present for me would be him.

Wait, what do you mean, that's not allowed?
Fine, then I guess he could bring me tickets to Hamilton. Front row seats, please, for a performance with all the original cast. 
Ginny Wong, Sub-editor

Why settle for one? Have an entire ensemble!

Lin-Manuel Miranda bringing the entire original cast of Hamilton with him to perform the whole show for me, over and over again. 
Nicole Moraleda, Sub editor

Carpool Karaoke and a First Lady

I'd say Michelle Obama, with armfuls of brilliant books including first editions of Jane Austen's canon (obviously not including Mansfield Park) and a signed, dedicated copy of her husband's The Audacity of Hope, but I'd just cry and cry with too much joy.

SO maybe I'd pick James Corden, who shares my love of musical theatre AND 90s music, bringing loads of 90s boy band backing tracks, a karaoke machine, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Backstreet Boys (of course) for an epic mic session.
Karly Cox, Deputy Editor

From Disney to Tolkien: movies we can (and will!) watch again and again

Masterchef in the making 

Gordon Ramsay: after a comprehensive, expletive-laden rant about the state of my cooking, we'd have a nice roast turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing; the works!
Edmund Ho, Reporter

Books and good conversation

Okay let me nerd this up a notch. Terry Pratchett. Yes, I know he's dead but what does dead really mean? I'm sure he'll deliver an amazing bagful of Hogswatch goodies and be the most entertaining guest. He'd be full of outrageous ideas and I could quiz him about who really thinks up Vetenari's plots.
Susan Ramsay, Editor 

For the philantropist

I would have Bill Gates deliver me a cheque for US$1 billion, which I would use to help hungry children and the homeless. I would be the most generous wealthy man there ever was. 
Ben Young, Sub-editor

A very Star Wars proposal

I would like Rey (Daisy Ridley from Star Wars: The Last Jedi) to bring me a live porg. And a working lightsaber. And ask me to marry her. To which I'd answer yes. A thousand times yes.
Jamie Lam, Sub-editor

An aeroplane all to myself

Richard Branson, because he's bound to have a spare plane lying around somewhere. Then he can pick me up and fly me home to spend Christmas with my family (and I can be reunited with the love of my life - my cat).
Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

Who run the world? Girls (and puppies)

I'd like Beyonce to show up at my doorstep and bring me a basket-full of puppies. Then she'd make me honororary god-mother to all her children, and we'd have a dance-off to Crazy In Love.
Rhea Mogul, Reporter

A comedian to present my life

Stephen Fry: I’m a huge fan of Stephen Fry and TV shows like A Bit of Fry, Laurie and QI, so I would be thrilled if he would deliver my Christmas present. I don’t really care what I get. But it would be interesting if he could narrate my life for a day.
Joshua Lee, Intern

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Edited by Rhea Mogul


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