Become a model United Airlines employee in just six easy steps (... just kidding)

Become a model United Airlines employee in just six easy steps (... just kidding)


Working for United Airlines is a bit of give and take.
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At United Airlines we are always looking keep everyone happy, and espcially our own team, which we're looking to grow! If working for an internationally known aviation company that puts its own first appeals to you, United Airlines is where you should be. To serve your customers with the best service possible, there are qualities and requires we look for in our employees:


We appreciate individuals who take initiative, and are ready to bring in and serve as many customers as possible.

Communication skills

Sometimes, seats may not be available to accommodate all passengers, so you will need to find customers willing to volunteer to board a different flight. We find that excellent communication skills will help find passengers willing to be "re-accommodated".

Decision making

It may be up to you to find the passengers who are to be "re-accommodated", careful selection is most important.

Powers of persuasion

In case a customer refuses to be "re-accommodated", the company will depend on you to provide motivation.


United Airlines is a family, and we need to work together to serve our passengers.

Interpretation skills

It is impossible to please everyone, and there will be passengers who will complain about our service or decision-making process. To uphold the reputation of the company, you must be able to reframe the narrative from those who complain.

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