Happy birthday, Michelle Obama! How will we miss you? Let us count the ways

Happy birthday, Michelle Obama! How will we miss you? Let us count the ways

On January 17, Michelle Obama celebrated her 53rd birthday ... her last birthday as First Lady. No matter what you feel about her husband's politics, it's near-impossible to deny the impact Flotus has had during her eight years in the job. Here's what we'll miss most about the Queen of the White House. 

1. How she inspires others, especially young women

Mobama has faced her fair share of discrimination, both as a minority race, and, possibly even more, as a woman. She has often spoken of the lack of support she received from teachers who didn't believe she was "good enough" - for university, for law school, for her high-powered job. Girls, and particularly girls' education, are therefore close to her heart, and she goes to great lengths to inspire young women, whether in an hour-long Skype chat with girls around the world for International Day of the Girl, or by sharing life skills, encouraging young women to finish school, and reminding them what's really important in their teens.

2. Her refusal to give in to The Man (or be bested by men)

Michelle Obama rose to heights in traditionally male industries (law, planning and development, hospital administration). She's been criticised for being hard, or bossy, or an "angry black woman", but she's just kept on being herself (and being awesome), and telling young women to believe in themselves, and turn those criticisms into self-esteem-boosting shout-outs.

3. Her dignity

Like many people, Flotus got mad about some of the things that came out during her husband's time in office (like the birther movement), and particularly in the run-up to the last election (the leaked audio in which the presiden-elect bragged about groping women). But in keeping with her oft-quoted call that "when they go low, we go high", she addresses outrageous news with quiet, elegant, justified indignance. #classyAF

4. Her healthy outlook

Mrs Obama is famous for her love of keeping fit and eating right - a love she worked hard to encourage Americans to share. From her Let's Move programme, which encouraged kids to get out and exercise, in hopes of reducing the country's epidemic of childhood obesity, to championing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which increased access to healthy food for low-income children and planting a vegetable garden at the White House.

5. The outfits

The woman is surely a designer's dream. She made a point of mixing high, HIGH-end couture, with high street, and always looks on point, as fashion bible Vogue remind us.

6. The dancing! 

The dancing!

The dancing!

The dancing!

7. Actually, everything about the womance between Mobama and Ellen

8. The hugs

You can just tell she gives the best cuddles. 

Even Queen Elizabeth wanted in on that.

9. Her playfulness

Despite being married to possibly the most powerful man in the world, Michelle proved her senses of fun and humour time and time again, with cameos on everything from chat show comedy segments

to Nickolodeon shows, classic children's TV to massive comedy series.

Our favourite? Nothing quite showed how amazing it would be to hang out with Michelle Obama than this:

Happy birthday, Mrs Obama. Thank you for being awesome.

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